Who am I?

I am Niklas Bülow, a Swift, C++ enthusiast and a WWDC17 Scholarship recipient. I started programming in 2015 and began coding with Swift in January 2017.

At the moment I am a Junior iOS Developer at Jamit Labs in Karlsruhe, Germany.


I’m passionate about almost everything concerning Swift and new Apple products, as well as all ideas Elon Musk has xD, e.g. Not-a-Flamethrower.


I believe the future is bright, that our future is bright as long as we show respect to nature and our fellows.


As I can call myself gay, I think it is extremely important to be tolerant and open to your fellows, but also accept other opinions. Freedom is one of the main principles in our modern world.


A Tesla flying in space. Colonizing Mars. Prepare for the future.


Simplicity is the most beautiful art.

see you